John Hampton Sims, Sr.

By Henry H. Mitchell

John Hampton Sims, Sr.

John Hampton Sims, Sr., born in South Carolina, was the proprietor of Woodlands Plantation at Sligo, just south of Woodville, Mississippi.

He and his wife Mary had at least five children: John, Elizabeth, Robert, Charles, and William. “Willie” was born on May 14, 1842. Mary died 19 months later, on December 14, 1843.

Her husband did not remarry. Census records of 1850 show that two Irish girls, Rachall (20) and Eliza (18) Owens, were living in the Sims household, probably as governesses for the younger Sims children.

John H. Sims's three sons who survived to adulthood — John, Robert, and William — served in the 21st Mississippi Infantry during the Civil War. The elder Sims did not himself survive to see the end of the war years; he died on August 4, 1863.


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