Historic American Buildings Survey
(HABS #11-24):
Dan's Hill, Danville, Virginia

Prepared by Philip N. Stern, National Park Service, ca. 1936, for the Historic American Buildings Survey, Library of Congress. The accompanying photo was taken in 1934 by W. R. Crowe (see other photographs and drawings).

[Address:] Near Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Owner: Mr. John Boatwright.

Date of Erection: 1833 (completed).

Architect and Builder: No record.

Present Condition: Good.

Number of Stories: Two, and basement.

Materials of Construction: Brick.

Other Existing Records: See text [and also Historic Gardens of Virginia, compiled by James River Garden Club, 283-284].

Additional Data: See following . . . .

Historical Data

From gate

Built by Robert Wilson, son of the first member of the family, John Wilson, who settled here during the Revolutionary period.

The residence and numerous outbuildings were in course of construction for a period of about eight years, and were completed in 1833.

The estate, situated about five miles from Danville on the Dan River, comprises an area of approximately sixteen hundred acres.

Until recently the estate was owned by Robert Wilson James, being of the fifth generation in direct descent to have lived here.

Within the last few years this property came into the possession of Mr. John Boatwright.

Data secured from Historic Gardens of Virginia by Edith Tunis Sale.

Reference: Walter R. Crowe

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