South Main Street
Chatham, Virginia

Edited by Henry Mitchell.

East Side of the 300 Block

301 South Main

301 South Main (9/2006). Built in 1903 by Wyatt and Boston Whitehead and presently the home of Mary Catherine Plaster, this house has only been occupied by two families: Whiteheads and Sours/Plaster. (See further information at The Overbeys of Chatham.)

309 South Main

309 South Main (9/2006). Built around 1900, this house has been the home of Overbeys, Moores, Moschlers, and currently the O'Hare family.(See further information at The Overbeys of Chatham, and Ada Moore's White Fruit Cake.)

Old Chatham Elementary School

Old Chatham Elementary School (9/2006).

Old Pittsylvania County Library

Old Pittsylvania County Library (9/2006). The old library was built in Colonial Revival Style in 1939, and now houses the Pittsylvania County Registrar's office. (See further information at Old Library.)

335 South Main

335 South Main (9/2006). This home was built around 1884 for the John Richard Whitehead family. It has received numerous stylistic changes and embellishments through the years. (See also Whitehead-Kraik House.) It is currently the Inn for All Seasons Bed and Breakfast.

343 South Main

343 South Main (9/2006). This, originally the Crider home, stood several hundred yards behind its present location. In the early 20th century it was moved up to Main Street. In more recent years it has been the Saurette home, and is currently the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cundiff.

West Side of the 300 Block

326 South Main

326 South Main (9/2006). The Chatham Armory was built around 1950 on the site of a school which had burned.

348 South Main

348 South Main (9/2006). The John Hurt Whitehead home was built in the American Foursquare style shortly after 1900. During the mid-20th century it was the home and office of Dr. Cary Whitehead, and then it served as the office of Dr. Hugh Willis. It is currently the home of Bill and Stephanie Hedge and family.

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