Chatham in Winter

By Henry, Patricia, Sarah, David, and Jonathan Mitchell

Whittletown in white

Whittletown in white.


Pyracantha berries provide a decorative holiday touch.

A quieting blanket

A quieting blanket settles over Chatham.

Holt Street run

Chatham's officially-designated sled run, Holt Street, hosts family fun.

Reaching for the sky

Reaching for the sky.

Chatham Hall

In the distance are St. Mary's Chapel and its famous oak, on the Chatham Hall campus.


Frosty, a Chatham Hall student creation.

Tunstall-Hargrave House

The Tunstall-Hargrave House presents a study in monochrome.

Off Hurt Street

A turn off Hurt Street.

Along Fairview Road

Along Fairview Road.

Making angels

"Angels" in the snow.


A truckload of firewood on Court Place defines the season.

Shortleaf pine

Winter strips away the leaves of deciduous trees and reveals a rare and lone shortleaf pine in Chatham's "Little Wilderness," near the Old Courthouse Spring.

Joe White lights the lanterns

Joe White lights the Christmas lanterns throughout downtown Chatham.

Santa in Chatham

Even busy Santa keeps office hours when he visits Chatham!

Mr. and Mrs. Santa in Chatham

Santa and Mrs. Claus welcome the National Christmas Tree, on its way to Washington, D. C., to Chatham (2004).

Chatham Christmas 1976

Friends wave (1976).

Pino's customer

On a cold winter day, a Pino's customer patiently awaits a hot pizza carryout.

Kemper Lane

Green hints of spring appear along Kemper Lane.

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