Chatham in Fall

By Henry, Patricia, Sarah, David, and Jonathan Mitchell

Falling leaves on Whittle Street

Falling leaves on Whittle Street.

Watson house

Colors of maple and oak dominate at the Watson House (photo circa 1980).


Fall chrysanthemums.

Pittsylvania County Courthouse

An ash tree accents the red brick of the Pittsylvania County Courthouse.

Red maple

A red maple lives up to its name.

Frisky dog

A brisk morning, a frisky dog.

Fall crocuses

Fall crocuses appear in the grass (in the foreground of the view seen immediately above).

Annual ritual

Annual ritual.


Inspecting the pumpkins at Eddie's (now Old Dutch) Supermarket (photo circa 1981).


Dogwood leaves and berries.

Football players

After a long practice session at Hargrave Military Academy.

Courthouse cat

The courthouse cat absorbs solar energy on a cool autumn afternoon.

Making apple butter

Making apple butter at the fall festival at nearby Callands.

Colonial figures

Buddy Overbey and Tom Hardy become colonial-era characters at the Callands festival.

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