Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS #VA-419): Green Hill Main House

Prepared by Orville W. Carroll, Architect, National Park Service, October 1960, for the Historic American Buildings Survey, Library of Congress. Photos were taken concurrently by Jack E. Boucher, Photographer, National Park Service.

Main house

Address: Virginia Road No. 728, Long Island Vicinity, Campbell County, Virginia

Present Owner and Occupant: L. H. Holland and brothers

Present Use: Residence

Historical Information

"Green Hill" plantation was built by Samuel Pannill, who first bought 600 acres from William and Moses Fuqua in 1797, and added to and developed the plantation until his death in 1864. The rear wing of the main house was possibly built in 1797, and appears to be older than the two-story front section.

Architectural Information

Northeast corner of main house

General Statement

  1. Architectural character: Main houses constructed of brick, has a symmetrical facade, elaborate cornice. Rear wing, somewhat older, has round column[s] made from molded bricks.
  2. Condition of fabric: Very good.

Technical Description of Exterior

  1. Over-all dimensions: Rear wing approximately 22' x 34', one-and-a-half stories. Two-story front block 22' x 45' without porches. House and rear ell has full basement. Orientation of house changed from east to south entrance after two-story front section was constructed.
  2. Wall construction: Red brick laid in Flemish bond. No glazed brick used. Workmanship not too precise but orderly. Flat arches over masonry openings made of brick.
  3. Chimneys: Three end chimneys, centrally located in and built flush with exterior walls. Brick construction with four course corbelled chimney cap.
  4. Porches: (1) Front porch about 8' x 12'; gable roof supported by six columns and two pilasters. Constructed on a stone foundation containing steps or access from three sides. Covered with a tin roof. (2) Shed roof to east covers east door and basement entrance. Supported by a brick wall and one brick pier. Covered with a tin roof. (3) Porch on rear ell supported by round columns made from molded red brick that forms the base, shaft, and capital. Constructed on a stone foundation. Roof covering is a standing seam tin roof.
  5. Roof: Northwest corner of main house

Technical Description of Interior

Unknown at present time. Interior not accessible.

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