“Grinding Stone”

By William T. Hathaway

Grinding Stone

Many so-called “grinding stones” have been found scattered throughout our local area. Most Native American grinding stones were made of soapstone and were about the size of a large dinner tray.

Bob Pollok, whose farm is part of the old Lanier's land grant, tells of how he had to use his tractor to move this large, very heavy boulder into his back yard. Bob has learned to notch out arrowheads by using the aboriginal deer antler technique, and his knowledge of these ancient skills is unique. Surely this large sandstone bolder with the dumbbell-shaped cavity could be an artifact.

Cavities in many similar boulders have been explained by geological activity. Swirling rocks carving out cavities in a rushing mountain stream is a possibility. However, a close look at this boulder attacks the imagination.