Centi and Milli

By William T. Hathaway

Centipede and Millipede

House Centipedes with the proverbial hundred-legs may scamper around the house and often find themselves trapped by the slippery walls of a bathtub or sink. It is well documented that they do not come up through drainpipes.

Centipedes prefer to live in dark, damp areas. Experts believe they feed on small insects, insect larvae, spiders and cockroaches, and are therefore beneficial, although often considered to be a nuisance. Centipedes are many segmented arthropods with a pair of legs on each segment. Originally from Mexico, they are now found throughout the U.S. (See also further information about centipedes.)

The dark-colored woodland Millipede “thousand-legger” is a many-segmented arthropod with two pairs of walking legs on each segment. They inhabit damp hidden areas and feed mostly on decaying plant material.