Two Underwing Moths:
Betrothed and Marbled

By William T. Hathaway

Two Underwing Moths

The Betrothed Underwing (Catocala innubens) on top, and the Marbled Underwing (C. marmorata) are two local underwings collected in the Old Country Club woods within the city limits of Danville.

Dr. W. J. Holland in his Moth Book (first printed in 1903) reveals many interesting theories, including the following: that the wings of many moths, which lie concealed during the daytime, reveal their most glorious coloring only after dark. The top wings, which cover the lower wings, are so colored as to make the moth appear like a discolored patch upon the bark when they are quietly resting on the trunks of trees in the daytime. The colorful lower wings are only displayed at night as the moths fly high into the darkness to mate.

Perhaps the eyes of these moths are capable of discriminating these colors in the darkness. We cannot do it.