The Yellow Lady's Slipper:
A Native Orchid

By William T. Hathaway
Yellow Lady's Slipper

Hardly an early springtime should have passed without our having been reminded of a royal member of the wildflower parade. The Yellow Lady's Slipper, a native orchid, dwells in organic soils of wooded slopes and in an occasional boggy area.

In my experience over several decades a few ideal habitats come to mind: the old Country Club woods within the city limits of Danville, the lower reaches of Wolf Island Creek in Caswell County, a small white oak forest near the old Dan River High School, and a couple of sites in foothills south of Smith Mountain in Pittsylvania County.

Although not as easily found nowadays, it is likely that in April past a yellow slipper may have been lurking in some nearby woods as it stood tall, adorning the forest slope with its excellence.

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