Exterior Details:
Jesse Mustain House

By Susan Kottwitz.



Our home is approximately 50 yards from Tucker Road with about 1,050 ft of road frontage.  Tucker Road is a blacktop county road which is well maintained.  When looking at the Neighborhood page of this website, that blacktop road in the photo is Tucker Road - looking to the north and headed towards Stinking River.  The road slopes down to the River, as does our land.

There is only local traffic on Tucker Road and very little of that.  Our closest neighbor is to the south and their house is about 1/4 miles or a bit less from our home.  Our neighbor to the north is about 1/2 mile away.  We cannot see any other homes - none of our neighbors.  Our immediate neighborhood is very rural - farms with grazing pasture for cattle and hayfields.  The view directly in front of our home is mixed woods with lots of redbud and dogwood.  The land was - many years ago - part of this farm.  In fact, the old slave cemetery was just across Tucker Road. 

View from front porch looking N
View from front porch looking NW
View from front porch looking W

The front walk is lined with ivy year round with daffodils and tulips in the spring.

The French doors in the Living Room open onto a flagstone floored patio and the backyard.

View from French doors of one of our giant holly trees.
View from French doors patio to NE.  One dependency (potting shed) shown in backyard.  You can see the roof of the chicken house in the background.
This is the dependency (potting shed) in the backyard.
View from French doors patio to the N.

You can also see the gazebo, chicken house, and garage/workshop/barn.



The back door is in the mudroom and walks out onto a very old stone patio.

View from the back door to the NW
View from the back door to the W

Stinking River is about 1/4 mile from the house to the north.  Joes Creek is about the same distance, but to the east.  Both have year round water and water depth varies from about 6 inches to 4 feet.  .  They are what we call "bold streams."  There is a bridge over Stinking River - on Tucker Road - and then the road becomes gravel (also well maintained).  Population is sparse for a couple of miles in that direction.  People do fish Stinking River at the bridge (and, of course, other spots).  We've seen beaver and otter there.  There are woods along both sides of the River and our property actually crosses it a bit in places - it truly meanders.  It is not floatable, however, Bannister River is about 5 miles away and is floatable.

There are several theories about how Stinking River got its name.  The most plausible is that it came from the tannery that was located on the far NE corner of this plantation (where Jesse Mustain's father lived).  There was also an early mill - both grain and lumber - on this plantation.  That locale is where a very early road (Hickeys Road) crossed our old 18th C road (the one just south of the house).  Hickeys Road was named after a trader named Hickey - another popular theory is that he sold meat and by the time he got "up here" the meat stank.  Nearby branches of Stinking River are named Flyblow and Maggoty Creek... so take your pick! 

Stinking River - looking E
Stinking River - looking W


Stinking River - looking W


Joes Creek, a branch of Stinking River, has a beautiful steep stone bluff to the east of it.  This is our boundary with another farm.  It is a very pretty creek.  There are about two acres of pretty bottom land on our side of Joes Creek. 

Joes Creek - looking S
Joes Creek - looking N


Joes Creek - looking N

Pretty little waterfall !


The garage/workshop/barn (40' x 30').    Used as a workshop space for tools and supplies for working on the house so far.  The floor is gravel chat and it is a log sided pole structure.  The garage door is an  insulated Williamsburg style with electric opener.  The south side is a carport in front and storage to the rear.   This building is fully wired for electricity and there is water.  Both utilities are underground.  There are pull down folding stairs to access the loft from the inside; with loft doors (opening to the exterior) on both the east and west sides (front and back).

View from Garage/Workshop/Barn looking W
Garage/workshop/barn (before the new insulated garage door & electric opener)
Garage/workshop/barn - log sided.

There are four small dependencies.  The oldest building is the farthest back into the property on the way to Joes Creek and in a little back pasture area.  We're not sure how old it is, but it may date to the mid 1800's. It is approximately 12' x 12'.   The nicest building is insulated and is midway between the oldest and our house yard.  It is approximately 12' x 15'.   The other two are close to the house and are approx 12' x 14'.  All have floors and metal roofs.  Two of the roofs have been painted in the last 3 years.  Currently all are being used for storage.

Oldest dependency
Back pasture (at oldest dependency)
"Nicest" dependency
Chicken house
Potting shed is in the rear of this picture.

Pasture and pasture views

Looking N towards the River from the driveway.
Looking S from the River

Note: The above description was prepared in 2002 when the property was offered for sale.

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