The Neighborhood
of the
Jesse Mustain House

By Susan Kottwitz, 2002.

Our immediate neighborhood is often called Greenfield after the Greenfield Baptist Church which dates back to the 18th Century.  Located on a very quiet paved county road kept in great condition, this location feels very private.  Surrounded by farmland, the loudest noises heard are the occasional moo of cows and the sweet sound of songbirds.  Neighboring houses cannot be seen, but neighbors are close by and are good ones!  The day our moving van arrived we were overwhelmed by a steady stream of neighbors offering a warm welcome, covered dishes, and offers of assistance. 

Jesse Mustain House

On Tucker Road, headed towards Stinking River, during fall 2000. In spring this view is full of redbud and dogwood.

Note: The above description is from an extensive article about the area prepared in 2002 when the property was offered for sale.

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