Archer T. Gammon Highway Dedication
May 7, 2004

Photos and text by Clifford G. Gaddy.

Gammon ceremony

Speakers await the beginning of the ceremony.

Gammon ceremony

Honor Guard.

Gammon ceremony

Honor guard.

Gammon ceremony

Honor guard.

Coy Harville

Coy Harville, chairman of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors.

John Hamlin

John Hamlin, mayor of Danville.

Calvin Gammon

Calvin Gammon, brother of SSgt. Archer T. Gammon.

Kenneth Spencer White

Kenneth Spencer White, board member, Commonwealth Transportation Board, Lynchburg District.

Gammon ceremony

Highway sign unveiled. (The sign was later corrected to read “Archer T. Gammon Highway.”) From left to right: Betty (Mrs. Calvin) Gammon, Morgan Gammon Savage (daughter of Calvin and Betty Gammon), Calvin Gammon, John Hamlin, Audry Savage (daughter of Morgan Savage), Coy Harville, Janet (Mrs. Bobby) Mayhew, Bobby Mayhew (obscured; nephew of Archer T. Gammon), Elsie Gammon Stovall (sister of Archer T. Gammon), and Rachel Keesee (widow of Robert J. Gammon, brother of Archer T. Gammon).

Robert Scarce, Jr.

Robert Scarce, Jr., member of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisotrs, Dan River District.

Gammon ceremony

The group attending the dedication ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Stavros Calos

Mr. and Mrs. Stavros Calos, friends of the Gammon family.

Eva Mae Tramel Clark and Coy Harville

Eva Mae Tramel Clark (whose father Lester Tramel was honored by the naming of the Dan River bridge on the Archer T. Gammon Highway), with Coy Harville.

Kate Walker and Inez Gaddy

Kate Walker and Inez Gaddy.

Coy Harville and Inez Gaddy

Coy Harville and Inez Gaddy.

Gammon ceremony

Calvin Gammon, Coy Harville, Inez Gaddy, and Clifford Gaddy.

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