Historic Bed Coverlets on Display
Christmas in Historic Chatham

By Mary Lee Black.

The Stone Family collection of hand-woven coverlets will be on display for the first time December 3rd – 5th as a part of our 2009 Christmas celebration based on the theme “Weaving Our Story.” The collection has survived in admirable condition and was transferred to the Pittsylvania Historical Society in 1987 by Mrs. Jane McClellan.

In the early 1830's a servant named Booker, following traditional patterns, worked a four-harness loom at Shady Grove Plantation to produce the five coverlets. His nimble fingers followed intricate directions to create coverlets in rich browns, reds, blacks, and indigo blues. No record exists as to the number of woven items he accomplished at Shady Grove. Pattern names were fanciful and amusing; those in this collection were submitted to the Smithsonian Institute to be inspected and named.

Chatham First and Chatham Furniture Company invite you to the first display of the famous coverlets at 28 South Main Street on Thursday night, December 3rd at 7 PM. Mr. Linwood Wright will present an “on-site” program based on the coverlets. A reception and the premiere of the documentary Weaving Our Story immediately following at the Shadetree Books, next door at 26 South Main Street, will conclude our evening. The coverlets will also be on display at Chatham Furniture Company from 9 until 5 on Friday, Dec. 4th and from 9 until 4 on Saturday, Dec. 5th.

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