Carriage and Bus Tours
Christmas in Historic Chatham
December 2, 2006

Carriage and bus tours of the doors of Chatham will be a new feature of Christmas in Historic Chatham. Based on the theme “Three Hundred Years of Christmas in Chatham,” carriage and bus tours will visit historic homes representing the three centuries of Chatham's history. Carriage tours will begin leaving from Chatham Town Hall visiting historic homes on a route through the northern side of Chatham. There will be three narrated carriage tours starting at 10:00, with the third and final carriage tour beginning at noon. Bus tours will follow a different route, taking in historic homes on the southern side of Chatham. Two bus tours will leave hourly beginning at 1:00 from the Chatham Baptist Church.

In each case, doors will be decorated to reflect the period of history represented. Narrators accompanying the carriage or bus will give the history of the house while several re-enactors dressed in period costume will join the tours to add interesting aspects of the buildings. Tickets for the tours will go on sale prior to the weekend. As space is limited, those interested are urged to secure tickets early. A color calendar featuring “The Doors of Chatham” will go on sale before Christmas in Historic Chatham.

The Doors of Chatham tours and the calendar are just two of the exciting new aspects of Christmas in Historic Chatham. The Chatham First organizing committee has been working steadily since January to revamp this classic weekend. Further details will be announced over the coming weeks.

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