Tribute to John L. Beaver

Written June 1980 by Col. Joseph H. Cosby as a Letter to the Editor of the Star-Tribune, Chatham, Virginia.

John L. Beaver, Hargrave Military Academy

Lt. Col. John L. Beaver, Hargrave Military Academy.

Dear Editor:

I am writing to pay tribute to the memory of a dear friend and colleague, Mr. John L. Beaver.

As much as any man connected with Hargrave Military Academy, he helped to build our present school. It was more than his job, it was his life — and a good life! He saved the school many a dollar, which today is seen in modern and beautiful buildings.

He was a good coach and athletic director. His teams were fiercely competitive. Basketball games with George Washington High School, Glass High School, and Staunton Military Academy went down to the wire with excitement and closeness.

When the first heart attack forced him to reliquish that post, he became the efficient and accommodating quartermaster, outfitting a neat and military appearing corps.

His recruiting during the summer months of the fifties was the best the school ever enjoyed. Parents welcomed him and responded to his sincere and gracious approach.

Col. Joseph H. Cosby

Johnny's loyalty as a colleague and friend will never be surpassed. He always gave his best. He was clean-minded. I never heard him use a profane or crude word.

He was a Christian gentleman who gave his life to coaching young people in the fine game of life.

— Joseph H. Cosby, President Emeritus, Hargrave Military Academy


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