William E. Sims Obituary
from the Woodville Republican

Edited by Henry H. Mitchell

The following was published in the Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi, on September 5, 1891.

William E. Sims of Virginia, formerly of this county, brother of Col. John Sims and Robert Sims, died recently at Colon, where he was United States Consul. After his removal to Virginia he “went wrong” in politics and became a scallawag of the extremest type. He was a man of force of character and ability and had his line of conduct been rightly chosen no doubt would have won honors in the legal profession.

A companion in arms, the editor of the Greenville Times says: “He was the last of the three brothers who were the very flower of the 21st Mississippi Regiment Infantry, the regiment of Humphreys and Brandon — household names in Mississippi. Of the three fate was kind only to that one [Lt. Col. John Sims] who died in the rage of battle, at the head of his brigade. This one that has just gone was high spirited, honorable, generous, but selfwilled to desperation — and the last quality was the rock on which he [foundered]. Being thwarted — wronged as he thought — he chose his course in recklessness and, proud and resentful, held it to the end. Peace be his portion.”

Note: Research assistance provided by Mrs. James V. Gross, Woodville, Mississippi.

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